Scott Noyes presents

Supporting Children's Play

This Full Day Workshop will be Outside under a large tent

Supporting Children's Play

Through understanding the function of play, adults can define their role in children's most natural learning style. By asking ourselves difficult questions, we can start to comprehend how our involvement helps or hinders children's discovery of their world. During close, informed, and continuing observations of spontaneous play, adults can learn about each child's personality, learning style, and preferred mode of learning. This is the groundwork for developing powerful curriculum. Grasping the importance of play sets the wheels in motion for adults to become planners, assessors, communicators, scribes, players, mediators, and stage managers. Filled with stories, this workshop helps all adults understand the significance of their role while children are engaged in the multifaceted exercise we call "play."


Tuesday June 20th, 2017 9:30am - 4:00pm
Live & Learn Early Learning Center

114 Mast Rd Lee NH

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Jeanine Fitzgerald presents


Tuesdays May 23 and Wednesday May 31, 2017                     5:30-8:00 pm

NOTE: ******original flyer said 2 Tuesdays but it is a Tuesday & a Wednesday

Mast Way Elementary School
23 Mast Rd Lee NH 03861

This training will be at the Mast Way Elementary School


Gaining self-regulation is a long, gradual process that depends on children internalizing the expectations of society. Without these skills, children may challenge authority, display explosiveness that harms others or destroy property, or remain incapable of delaying gratification, following through on instructions or effectively resolving conflicts. Anyone working with children today has experienced the results of not supporting the development of self-regulation. Now, it is time to discover the solutions.
This is approved as a five hour course and successful completion of the requirements earns .5 CEU.


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