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If you see a book, video, tape, or other resource that catches your eye or sparks some interest they are all available in the family resource library at Live and Learn, located next to the toddler door!! Check it out

Family Resource Library Updated on 6/20/11
Author(s) Title
Adcock, Don and Marilyn Segal Your Child at Play: One to Two Years: Exploring Daily Living, Learning and Making Friends  
American Health Foundation Great Meals! Great Snacks!Great Kids!  
Ames Chase, Joan and Louise Bates Ames Don't Push Your Preschooler  
Anderson, Winifred; Stephen Chitwood, Deidre Hayden Negotiating the Special Education Maze  
Ash, Jennifer; Armin Brott The Expectant Father Facts, tips, and advice for dads-to-be
Bates Ames, Louise Your One Year Old Fun Loving and Fussy
Bates Ames, Louise Your Two Year Old Terrible or Tender
Bates Ames, Louise Your Three Year Old Friend or Enemy
Bates Ames, Louise; Frances Ilg Your Four Year Old  
Bennett, Steve and Ruth 365 TV Free Activities You Can Do With Your Child (2 copies)  
Berry Brazelton, T. Touchpoints-The Essential Reference Your child's emotional and behavioral development
Berry Brazelton, T. Touchpoints-Birth to 3 The Essential Reference for the Early Years
Briant, Monta Baby Sign Language Basics  
Brooks, Benjamin and James and Timothy Tompkins Child Advocacy  
Brown, Ari; Denise Fields Baby 411  
Center for Disease Control Parents Giude to Childhood Immunizations  
Chase, Bob The New Public School Parent  
Chopra, Mallika 100 Questions From My Child  
Christensen, John; Harry Paul, Stephen Lundin Fish!  
Christoph Arnold, Johann Endangered  
Cohn, Anthony Constipation, Witholding and Your Child a family guide to soiling and wetting
Colgate Your Guide to Children's Oral Health  
Connelly, Vincent; Hope Ricciotti The Pregnancy Cookbook  
Crimi, Carolyn; Bretty McWorter Sember, Mimi Slawoff, Linda Williams Aber Fun Family Activities  
Curtis, Glade; Judith Schuler Your Babys First Year Week by Week  
Department of Health and Human Services Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine Preventable Diseases  
Duffy, Roslyn; Cheryl Erwin, Jane Nelsen Positive Discipline-The First Three Years Laying the foundation for raising a capable, confident child
Dyer, Wayne Excuses Begone! How to Change Lifelong, Self Defeating Thinking Habits
Eisenberg, Heidi; Sandee Hathaway, Heidi Murkoff What to Eat When You're Expecting  
Eisenberg, Heidi; Sandee Hathaway, Heidi Murkoff What to Expect When You're Expecting  
Fields, Denise and Alan Baby Bargains  
Fleming, Denise In the Small, Small Pond  
Fox, Mem Whoever You Are  
Foxman, Paul Dancing With Fear-Controlling Stress and Creating a Life Beyond Panic and Anxiety  
Garcia, Joseph Sign With Your Baby  
Garhart Mooney, Carol Reflections on Parenting  
Goldstein, Sam and Michael Hyperactivity-Why Won't My Child Pay Attention  
Golden-Seyburn, Joyce Seven Secrets to Raising a Happy and Healthy Child The Ayurvedic Approach to Parenting
Greenberg, Polly My Child Loses Control  
Greenman, Jim What Happened to My World Helping children cope with natural disaster and catastrophe
Hallowell, Edward Connect  
Hallowell, Edward The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness  
Hallowell, Edward Crazy Busy Overstretched, overbooked and about to snap
Hallowell, Edward Worry-Hope and Help for a Common Condition  
Hanson, Rick Mother Nurture  
James, Stephen Wild Things The Art of Nuturing Boys
Karp, Harvey The Happiest Toddler on the Block the new way to stop tantrums
Kelly, Nancy "Help There's a Toddler in My House!"  
Kinnell, Gretchen No Biting, Policy and Practive for Toddler Programs  
Kinnell, Gretchen Good Going Successful potty training for children in child care
Kitzinger, Sheila Breastfeeding Your Baby  
Kleven, Sandy The Right to Touch  
Kohl, MaryAnn Big Messy Art  
Kranowitz, Carol The Out -of-Sync Child Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Intgration Disorder
La Leche League The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding  
Lansky, Bruce Tinkle Tinkle Little Tot songs and rhymes for toilet trainining
Leman, Kevin First Time Mom Getting off on the right foot from birth to first grade
Leiderman, Roni; Wendy Masi Baby Play 100 fun filled activities to maximize your baby's potential
Lieberman, Alicia The Emotional Life of the Toddler  
Levins, Sandra and Bryan Langdo Was It the Chocolate Pudding? A story for little kids about divorce
May, Ina Guide to Childbirth  
Martin, Elaine Baby Games "The Joyful Guide to Child's Play From Birth to Three Years  
Masurel, Claire and Kady MacDonald Denton Two Homes  
Mauro, Terri The Everything Parent's Guide to Sensory Integration Disorder Get the right diagnosis, understand treatments, and advocate for your child
Miller, Karen Ages and Stages birth through eight years
Miller, Lucy Sensational Kids Hope and Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)
Noyes, Scott Water Safety & Supervision Training Preventing Drowning in Child Care  
Noyes, Scott Intentional Language  
O'mara, Peggy Natural Family Living  
Pando, Nancy I Don't Want to Go to School Helping children cope with separation anxiety
Parr, Todd It's Okay to Be Different  
Pica, Rae Your Active Child  
Prevent Child Abuse America Theo Tries Something New! a story about self esteem
Prevent Child Abuse America Zoe Solves the Conflict a story about learning to handle problems peacefully
Prevent Child Abuse America Melvin Feels Mad a story about learning to manage anger
Sears, William The Family Nutrition Book  
Sears, William The Discipline Book  
Sears, William The Successful Child  
Sears, William The Birth Book  
Sears, William The Attachment Parenting Book  
Sears, William Nightime Parenting  
Sutherland Fox, Sandra Good Grief: Helping Groups of Children When a Friend Dies  
Thayer, Elizabeth and Jeffrey Zimmerman The Co-Parenting Survival Guide Letting go of conflict after a difficult divorce
US Department of Education Helping Your Preschool Child  
Verdick, Elizabeth Teeth are Not for Biting  
Witkin, Georgia Kid Stress Effective strategies parents can teach their kids for school, family, peers, the world and everything
Annies I Am the Artist Live and Unhinged at the Brattleboro Museum
Christmas Classic Series Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer  
Christmas Classic Series Frosty The Snowman  
Disney The Book Of Pooh  
Disney Rascal  
Disney Dumbo  
Little Einsteins DVD Sampler Highlights from TV episodes
Noddy Noddy Gives a Birthday Party  
PBS Kids Teletubbies-Big Hug  
Playhouse Disney JoJo Circus a think and move show for preschoolers
Reiner, Rob I Am Your Child Video Series  
  1. The First Years Last Forever  
  2. Why Early Childhood Matters  
  3. Quality Child Care-Making the Right Choice  
  4. Ready to Learn  
  5. Discipline: Teaching Limits with Love  
  6. Safe From the Start  
  7. Preparing for Parenthood  
  8. Your Healthy Baby  
  9. A Child With Special Needs  
  10. To Be a Father  
  11. Stop Smoking Now: Reasons Not to Smoke When You're Pregnany  
  12. Food Fitness Matter: Raising Healthy Active Kids  
Sesame Street Elmo's Potty Time (DVD)  
Sesame Street Music Works Wonders   
Sesame Street Elmo In Grouchland  
Sesame Street Elmos-Families, Mail, Bathtime  
  Babyscapes-Celebration of Color  
  Opera Imaginaire an animated opera of the imagination
  Baby Mozart 1-36 month-visual and musical experiences to stimulate and delight your baby
  Miracle Dogs  
  Free Willy  
Alfie Kohn Unconditional Parenting Moving from rewards and punishments to love and reason
  Consuming Kids The commercialization of childhood
Joseph Garcia Sign With Your Baby How to communicate with infants before they can speak
  1-2-3 Magic Effective Discipline for Children 2-12  
Shawn Middleton Storytelling with Shawn  
Fire Safety Kit Play Safe! Be Safe! Children's fire safety education program ages 3-5, movie and games to play-in English and Spanish
Iowa State University Understanding Children Temper Tantrums
Strengthening Families and Communities 2011 Resource Guide  
  Highlights Magazines For Kids  
Diane Levin Beyond Banning War and Superhero Play Meeting children's needs in violent times
  Young Children Magazine new monthly
  Teaching Young Children Magazine new monthly
Marilyn Wyzga Leave no Child Inside To create a better future for our children, let's help them connect with their wild roots
Richie McFarland Theraputic Services