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Due to the weather predictions for today and our quest to keep everyone safe, Live & Learn and Rising Hawk will be closing at 12:30pm Wednesday February 7.

Who Are We?

Live & Learn Early Learning Center, of Lee New Hampshire (NH), is conveniently located for accessibility to all Seacoast families. We are staffed by trained professionals that hold an interest in Early Childhood Education. The staff are picked for their dedication to young children and their joy and excitement of the love of learning. Each caring individual is carefully chosen to meet the individual needs of each classroom and brings with them a special gift to share as we all Live and Learn together.

In 1974, Live & Learn started as a dream to enable children to experience an alternative early learning center environment. It began as a Summer based program; and, in June of 1978, Live & Learn became a year round program that services community needs with a multi-program approach. Over the years, the school has developed into a center-based program on a functional 35 acre farm.

Each program at Live & Learn is based on experiential education, which allows children to explore their environment using a "hands on" approach. We give children the opportunity to experience a number of developmentally appropriate activities, both in and out of the classroom. Each program is staffed to meet the particular needs of the classroom. The staff, as well as the director, continually improves their education and understanding of young children through courses, seminars, and lectures within the field.

Live & Learn is accredited by the National Association of Education for Young Children (NAEYC), which holds the highest standards of quality for early learning centers in the nation. Lead teachers are provided a membership of NAEYC and the state chapter NHAEYC. NHAEYC works to promote quality early childhood education for the children of NH by supporting the Early Childhood Profession.

Live & Learn is also accredited by the National Accreditation Commission (NAC) under the National Association of Child Care Professionals (NACCP). Live & Learn is proud to be the only center in New Hampshire that is accredited by this agency.

Live & Learn was the first Nature Explore Certified Outdoor Classroom in the state of NH. This year marks our 5th year being recertified! Follow the link below to learn about the changes we've made over the year! This certification fits with our nature based curriculum and belief in connecting children with nature on a daily basis.


Live & Learn also provides each teacher with a membership to The Alliance for Better Child Care (ABC,) a local professional organization. In 2005 Live and Learn Early Learning Center was named as 1 of 10 exemplar sites for Strengthening Families.

Mission Statement

The mission of Live & Learn Early Learning Center is to educate children intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially by recognizing individual differences, promoting self-esteem, and fostering respect for others. Our child-centered environment encourages dialogue among participants, essential to the active learning process. We strive to develop an educational partnership among family, Live & Learn and community that works together to maximize the potential of each child.


While taking into consideration the needs of the individual children, each classroom teaching team is responsible for writing and implementing lesson plans using the program goals and curriculum. These plans include:

. A nature-based curriculum that benefits learners of all modalities through hands-on experiences both indoors and out.
. A balance of quiet and active activities.
. A balance of child initiated activities and teacher led activities.
. A variety of activities that motivate children to explore and learn through play.
. A regular balance of sensory, art, science, music, large and fine motor, number, language, dramatic play, and cooking activities. Activities promoting children's awareness of health, safety and nutrition are also planned. Field trips and nature walks are included in the schedule.

This is our Curriculum calendar outline that guides each classroom in curriculum development

We also use NH Early Learning Guidelines to drive our curriculum

The curriculum is reviewed and evaluated during the program evaluation and assessment conducted annually (or as often as is needed). Directors, teachers and families participate in the program evaluation.

Overview of Our Programs

Infants: Ages 6 weeks to 15 months
Our infant classroom provides a nurturing environment designed to support each child's individual development while allowing children to explore and learn.

Toddlers & Waddlers: Ages 12 to 36 months
The Toddler teachers help the children learn to become a member of a community away from home and focus on self-help and pre-academic skills.

Preschool 1 & 2: Ages 2 years 9 months to 4 years
The Preschool classroom incorporates activities that help three and four year old children develop coordination, language, color and number concepts, and social skills.

Kindergarten: Ages 4 to 6 years
The Kindergarten classroom incorporates pre-reading, math, language arts, creative arts, and science, as well as, a chance for social and emotional growth. Each month's curriculum contains a variety of activities including cooking, music, art, science, woodworking, field trips within the community, outside games, and journal writing. Teachers encourage the children to learn and grow through hands-on education.

Before/Afterschool: Ages 6 to 13 years
The program provides children a safe, fun, educational place to go before and after school. Children and staff work together to create a supportive and enjoyable environment where they can unwind, socialize with friends, and participate in a wide variety of activities. The staff encourages children to make their own decisions and provides the guidance and supervision they need to make wise choices.

Summer Camp: Ages 6 to 13 years
During the Summer, our school-age children participate in the Summer Camp program. This is a fun filled program that challenges their bodies as well as their minds. Field trips, swimming, arts and crafts, drama, games and much, much more fill the lazy, crazy days of Summer.




Exploring a Sense of Place in Nature 2017

A Collaborative Nature-Based Childhood Conference

Co-sponsored by NHAEYC

September 16, 2017
at the Live & Learn Early Learning Center, Mast Road, Lee, NH

Join us to explore the many ways to experience “nearby nature” with children, youth and families, whether by discovering new ways to use our backyards and city parks; finding local outdoor spaces in communities and neighborhoods; or learning simple, accessible ideas for engaging with the natural world, even in urban settings.



"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity."
-- Dorothy Parker

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